Magnetic Phone Holder


Car Charger & Holders

Material: Aluminum, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Net Weight: 45 g

Size (W x H x D): Ø 44 x 35 mm

Printing Options: Silkscreen, Doming

Colour Options: Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink

Package Options: K1

Products can be finished in various other colours according to preference as well (Minimum order 4000 units).

The two-piece promotional magnet phone holder is used by attaching one piece to the phone and the other piece to the place where you want to fix it in the vehicle.

The strong magnet attached to the back of the phone is easy to attach. Product’s magnet is quite strong thats why, it prevents your phone from slipping and falling.

It hasn’t got a thick layer on the back of thephone, thats why back surface of phone doesnt bother you. When you put it on a flat surface it stays without falling to prevent the back of the phone from scratching.

Product is suitable with all brand/type mobile phones.

Your phone keeps touching the holder from a point and it is very easy to pick up the phone later.

Production in China.

MOQ: 50 pcs

Free printing.

Package UnitsPackage DimensionsWeight of Package
12042 x 33 x 28 cm7,5 kg

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