Magnet Bottle Opener

Code: LUPE

Badge, Magnet & Opener

Material: Metal

Net Weight: 26 g (58 mm)

Diameter: Ø 58 mm, Ø 75 mm

Printing Options: Offset

*This product is also produced as a keychain opener.

These products, which are prepared by using special visuals, are used in different areas with its magnet feature and openings at the back.

High quality, full-color printing with magnetic bottom proves to be the right promotional item both with interesting messages and fun designs.

What would you think of customizing this useful and economic gadget with your logo?

Your logo is always on the front thanks to Lupe's wide printing area!

It can be produced in 58 ve 75 mm diameter.

Production in Turkey.

Delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Free printing.

MOQ: 250 pcs


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