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Smart Wristband Pulse Meter

Code: MiBandPulse

Brand: Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi Smart Wristband

XiaomiMaterial: ABS

Net Weight: 14 g

Size: 230 mm, Sensor 37 x 13.6 x 9.9 mm (print area 28 x 7 mm)

Printing Options: Laser engraving

Certificates: CE, FCC & Rohs

*Available for production in various colours.

It has the ability to record real-time heart rate measurements and day-to-day motion data.

Device is suitable for iOS and Android. You can download it in Google Play store and App Store easly. You need to download an extra Mifit software and match device with Bluetooth option of your phone.

There are 3 balance sensors in smart wristband. Sensors detect basic movements and measure distance by step counting.

It provides information about sleep quality by following sleep activities.

It has 225 mAh pile and consumes low energy.

Production in China.

MOQ: 100 pcs

Package UnitsPackage DimensionsWeight of Package
18056.4 x 46 x 33.5 cm18.5 kg

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