Special Design Puzzle



Product can be produced any kind of design, shape and size as your request.

You can set the number of puzzle piece

Product can be produced with a choice of rear support.

Promotion puzzle commonly used dimensions:
13x18 / 20x27 / 27x40 / 28x33 / 32x47 / 34x48 / 48x68 cm

Amounts of frequently used piece of puzzle:
27 / 40 / 99 / 130 / 150 / 300 / 500 / 1000

Production in Turkey.

Delivery in 2-3 weeks.

MOQ: 100 pcs


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Frame Puzzles:

Puzzle sizeTypePuzzle weight (g)Qty/cartonExport carton weight (kg)Export carton size (cm)
13x18 cmwithout stand624002640x60x18
with stand773002540x60x18
with backside print674002840x60x19
19x27 cmwithout stand1322002840x60x20
with stand1751602940x60x22
with backside print1412003040x60x22
23x33 cmwithout stand1951252635x50x25
with stand2601002735x50x27
with backside print2091252835x50x27
27x40 cmwithout stand2761002940x60x20
with stand366752940x60x22
with backside print2951003140x60x22
28x33 cmwithout stand1611502640x60x30
with stand2161202740x60x30
33x46 cmwithout stand390602535x50x25
with backside print418602735x50x27

Puzzles in box:

Puzzle sizeBox size (cm)Box weight (g)Qty/cartonExport carton weight (kg)Export carton size (cm)
34x48 cm23x33x5550201235x50x50
48x68 cm23x33x5770201735x50x50
34x96 cm23x33x5770201735x50x50
60x85 cm27x37x51100101240x60x30
68x96 cm27x37x51277101440x60x30
Memory 18 pairs16x24x5420401835x50x50
Memory 36 pairs16x24x5660402835x50x50