Suction Cup Mobile Holder Powerbank



Material: ABS

Options of battery capacity: 6000 mAh (Lithium Polymer (Li-Po))

Net Weight: 145 g

Size (W x H x D): 130 x 68 x 20 mm

Printing Options: Laser engraving

Cycle Life: Min 500 Cycles

Input: DC 5V/1A

Output 1: DC 5V/1.0-2.0A

Output 2: DC 5V/1.0-2.1A

Certificates: CE, RoHS & FCC

Colour Options: Dark Gray, White

- Rechargeable-Built-in battery

- Easy-On/Off button lets you choose when you need a charge.

- LED indicator and Charging.

- Ultra high efficiency, compliant with Energy Star level V.

- Adsorption the back of the phone.

- Exclusive multiple safety design, protects against overcharge, overdischarge and short circuits.

Production in China.

MOQ: 500 pcs

Free printing.

Package UnitsPackage DimensionsWeight of Package
4040,5 x 30,5 x 19 cm8,3 kg

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